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How Do I Stay Long In A Bull Market: 10 Ways

Top 10: How To Stay Long In A Bull Market

10. Auto delete all bearish emails. They'll keep popping up so immediately mark the source as spam. Really try to read each title in your in box very slowly so that as soon as you catch that it's a little bit bearish you can auto-delete it before it convinces you. Create an automatic mental response to quickly delete such emails even when it has only a whiff of negativity.

9. Stop watching all major news networks and stop reading all major (and minor) publications.  They always try to slip in a bearish story from an important billionaire that you'd be stupid not to listening to. Everybody makes sense so just stop listening. If you don't stop you're going to always hear about how it's a top, valuations are too high, this time is just like the time right before the last crash, etc etc. You're going to hear this every single day until you just turn them all off.

8. Don't talk to your friends about the stock market whatsoever. If they are not totally gungho long they are going to try to talk you out of staying long. They're going to tell you how insane it is and how risky it is.  Friends can influence you.  In one weak moment those choice caring words could find their way to your decision making process. Tune them out. Do the 'ol cover the ears and 'la la la' routine until they learn to switch the subject.

7. Even worse, don't talk to your parents about the stock market. They are older than you (generally right?). They have a whole different perspective, an older one, and view most things as inherently risky. They're going to want to talk you out of anything you try to do that they wouldn't do which are most things because they are older than you (generally).

6. Don't talk to your spouse about the stock market. 8, 7, and 6 could be lumped in together but really they are all for different important reasons. Your spouse has the unique ability to coerce or make you feel bad about something. They can make you feel guilty by saying something like, "your spending your money on stocks and not on me??" There is really no getting around something like that so avoid these stock market conversations altogether.

5. Don't let your broker talk you out of the stock market. Your broker may sound way smarter than you about stocks. Brokers are people too and they may have had a bad day, called to school to pick up the kids, yelled at by spouse, told they aren't cutting muster at work and may take it out in their next stock market prognostication to you.  Depression breeds bearishness and we all have weak moments.

4. Ditch Smart Phone. If you have a smart phone you may want to consider ditching it. The problem with smart phones is they make it really easy to trade.  Anything that is that easy to trade is that easy to exit.

3. Invest Where You Get Penalized To Exit. Put your side investment money in an investment plan that has too many penalties to take it out early.  Put it in your kids name, your name, whoever, just make it very very difficult to grab that money. That way you won't touch it. Consider requiring two opinions to make any changes where you both swear up and down not to get out.

2. Bookmark this page and reread this list every single day. It may end up being a lonely life for a while with nothing else left to talk about any more but that's ok. If it's a bull market you'll be rich and they'll all be your friends anyway.

1. Look at this chart every single day.

Source: Chart Macrotrends.net, Lines By Elazar Advisors.

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