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Top 10 Stock Market Correction Calls In The Last Couple of Days

They're all the same really. Everybody is piling on the idea that the market needs to correct.

You can do this exercise yourself. You don't need to believe us. Go to www.google.com and click news (click here we did it for you).

It didn't take long to find the first two, three pages crawling with Armageddon calls after Friday's move.

Friday's Move

Here's the S&P 500 amazingly huge -.15% on Friday. With all the the noise I had to check my quotes. Yup, S&P 500 ETF SPY down an incredibly huge amount 37 cents.

That brought all the bears out of hibernation, once again.

Top Ten Recent Calls For A Stock Market Crash
10. Jim Rogers: The worst crash in our lifetime is coming.
9. The stock market’s next 5% is down.
8. Time to start preparing for the top of this stock market’s bull run.
7. A Broad Stock Market Correction Would Unleash The Ugly Stick: Market Recon
6. Even the big technology companies look too much like 1999 not to sell some stocks
5. The stock market just broke
4. Why A Stock Market Plunge May Be Needed…
3. Time is now to prepare clients for a stock market correction
2. Beginning of the stock market sell-off?

1. Horrendous storm to hit stocks, Wall Street not rational. 

And For Our Favorite Chart

We hope to be showing you this chart for the next nine years. The market has gone up in two major 16-17 year upswings.

This market also broke out and is about eight years into it. Another nine to go.

The breakout is a confirmation.

But Will "They" Let You Hold On?

Will "they" let you stay bullish or will they talk you out of stocks at every little dip?  Have you caught on? Record low rates, the best earnings growth in six year, every bad news event gets followed with upside. Everybody is out of the market based on sentiment.

"They" get paid for you to click.  Did they get you to click?  Did it make you money?

Time For A Change?

If fundamental and technical factors are in place we're going up for nine years. Sure there can be bumps in the road.
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