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You Don’t Need Us! Giving Away All Our Trading Secrets: Collecting Information

We wanted to periodically give away some of our process secrets for trading and investing.

Today we wanted to focus you on having your arms around the news each day.  We probably spend 3-5 hours each morning combing through the news to widdle it down into something meaningful. There is way too much noise out there so we have to boil it down into something. But first you have to collect it all. 

We can’t rely on one news outlet because they can’t catch everything nor do they follow all of your favorite data points you discovered over the years. Many media sources are biased (usually negatively lately) so they may only show directional data rather than stay open minded.

We have a simple list below we built using Google Alerts. It’s a great, simple tool to put exactly what matters to you in markets, or really anything. You personalize it and see what you want when it comes up.

You can change the settings to “as it occurs,” “once a day,” etc.

When big news stories come up we change it to "as it occurs." 

Then, of course, we forget all about it after we no longer need it and get bombarded in the inbox for a few extra days about Obamacare or something until we figure it out and shut it back off to “once a day.”

Here’s our list. You can keep it for yourself then you don’t need us, unless, of course, you don’t have 3-5 hours a day each morning to kill to do it yourself.

Here’s our 180 item list....

american healthcare act
american petroleum institute
amzn amazon
apple aapl
atlanta fed
baba alibaba group
baidu bidu
bank of japan
bannon gold
boj kuroda
boj or en
bond market
bullard fed
central bank
chaim siegel
Chicago federal reserve
china capacity
china economy
china foreign reserves
china gdp
china inflation
china manufactering index
china stock market
Citigroup Economic Surprise Index
cmbs spread
commitment of traders
consumer china retail
cot commitment of traders dollar
cot commitment of traders gold
cot commitment of traders oil
cot speculative oil positions
credit default swap
credit spread
credit spread of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch High Yield Master Index
crude inventories
crude oil inventories
debt ceiling
draghi schedule
Drilling Productivity Report eia
earnings guidance
ecb european central bank
Eisuke Sakakibara
elazar advisors
euro inflation
europe gdp
europe inflation
europe manufactering index
facebook fb
fed normalization
federal reserve
federal reserve speech
fitch rating
floating oil storage
gartner smart phone
german elections
gold russia china
gold standard
google alphabet goog
hang seng
hedge fund manager
hong kong stock market
imf gold
investment company institute fund flows
iran election
iran oil
iran production
Italy bank
italy elections
jack ma
james comey
japan gdp
japan inflation
japan manufactering index
jared kushner
jeff gundlach
jeremy siegel
jerome powell
jim chanos alibaba
kamakura company index
Khalid al-Falih
lael brainard
Lipow Oil Associates
liquidity squeeze
Loretta Mester
Marine Traffic
Mick Mulvaney
microsoft msft
middle east oil
Minister Taro Aso yen
money supply
morningstar credit
muddy waters short china
natural gas
natural gas inventories
netherlands holland elections
nigeria oil
nikkei asian review
nvidia nvda
oil bankruptcy
oil contango backwardation
oil decline rate
oil depletion
oil floating storage
oil forward curve
oil supply disruption
option expiration
Patrick Harker
peter navarro
Pierre Andurand oil
qcom qualcomm
rig count
russia oil production
rystad energy
S&P global platts
S&P/LSTA Leveraged Loan Index
saidi arabia
san francisco fed
saudi arabia economy
scott minerd guggenheim
shale cost per barrel
shale oil
shale output
smb blog
spain elections
speculative gold positions chart
steve bannon
steve cohen 72
steve eisman
steve mnuchin
The Fitch Fundamental Index
Thomas Tom Lee Fundstrat
trading discipline
Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee
trump budget
twitter twtr
US dollar
US manufacturing index
US treasury china
Venezuela oil
wall street journal
world gold council
yield US spreads

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