Trump Russian Senate Hearings Next Week: Bullish From One Quote

Trump Jr. Manafort, Kushner hearings.
We're pretty happy today because we
get to put another picture up of the President.
Let's review why the Trump-Russian Senate hearings next week will be good for the stock market (NYSEARCA:SPY). Scheduled to appear before Senate committees are presidential advisor Jared Kushner on Monday along with Donald Trump Jr. and Paul Manafort on Wednesday.  The President has been Teflon through all the media attacks. Non-negative news should again be bullish for the stock market.

Political Risk Off The Charts. 
Unwinding That Risk Can LAUNCH Stock Market

Political risks are off the charts according to GeoQuant, a specialist in analyzing political risk for investors.  Any unwinding of perceived political risk can constantly help the stock market move higher since such risk is currently keeping investors sidelined.

Analyst Hat On: Here's The One Quote That Makes Us Bullish For Next Week

In former FBI Director James Comey's testimony June 8th he was asked by Senator Mark Rubio the following,

"He [President Trump] agreed it'd be great to have an investigation, all the facts came out and we found nothing. He agreed that would be ideal, but this cloud is still messing up my ability to do the rest of my agenda. Is that an accurate assessment?"

Now before you hear Comey's answer think for a second:

Does James Comey love President Trump? Not really.

Is James Comey trying to incriminate President Trump? Pretty much.

With that as a backdrop let's listen to his answer.

Remember, analyst hat on:

Comey answered,

"He went farther than that. He said, and if some of my satellites did something wrong, it'd be good to find that out."

Wait a minute. You just heard that, right?

Comey-Trump behind closed doors. Comey's trying to trip Trump up in sworn testimony. What does he tell everybody?  Trump wanted to get to the bottom of it. If anybody in his inner-circle is guilty he wants to know and would approve an investigation.

The guy that's trying to trip Trump up gave a glowing endorsement that the President is probably innocent and doesn't know of any illegal dealings.  Otherwise the President wouldn't want to "find that out."

Let's get personal:

If you were guilty would you push Comey to find out everything unprompted? Comey said Trump "went further than that" meaning he really wants to know.

Trump's not guilty. He doesn't really know if any of his inner-circle is guilty either.

Even if something turns up next week, it probably doesn't stick to President Trump.

Elazar Wrap It Up, All These People I Don't Really Know On Facebook Are Pinging Me

Somebody may be guilty somewhere but Teflon Don is probably not. That's bullish for markets. We've been saying that it won't be easy to stay long but it will be worth it.

By: Chaim Siegel, Elazar Advisors, LLC, Happy and profitable trading!

Reading Comprehension Time
James Comey is:
A) life-long pals with President Donald Trump after going to sleep-away camp together.
B) Is President Donald Trump's lawyer.
C) Is the famous news reporter that broke the story about all the illegal leaks.
D) Was the guy that was trying to bust Trump but so far came up empty.

Please answer A, B, C, or D in comments.  Good luck.

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  1. What do you think about Trump saying: "I wouldn't have hired Sessions if I knew he was going to recuse himself against the Russians" (paraphrasing)? Do yo uthink he meant it as: "I thought Sessions was going to back me up when I get busted on the Russian issue."

    1. Hi Gumptive. pleasure to have you comment here! i think it goes along w/ what he said above. if Trump would've known he was involved and needed to recuse himself he wouldnt have hired him. Trump says that Sessions misanswered questions (he didnt want to say his man lied) and Trump didnt like that. thoughts?

  2. Chaim:

    Good call on gold.

    I read one contributor say that gold had moved on the Don Jr. neeting about nothing that produced nothing. Gold sure looks under rocks to find petty stuff to cause the price to change.LOL

    You know that I have little to say about Trump. I will wait for the fake news spin reports for after Don Jr. and Jared testify. I can hear the Democrats drafting those impeachment articles already. Schumer, Pelosi, and Schiff are salivating.

    I used to watch PBS News Hour twice every night. Now, I hardly watch at all because their Trump and anit-Republican hate bias is so bad- especially when they have 2 guests: Democrat and Republican and the Republican, just ain't really.

    1. Chancer I agree. the media is showing how biased it is. its nuts. I dont see how CNN can go to work each day bashing trump. its pretty nuts. be a little bit level not so one sided.

    2. oh and chancer. thanks for the comments! I'd love to get some comments going. what better way than a little trump chatter.

  3. Sessions should have NOT recused himself and Trump likes fighters. Sessions only forgot about a meeting with Russians as part of his Senate duties.
    Don Jr. also forgot to report a meeting with Russians that came to nothing and to include reproting a translator and lobbyist at the meeting.
    Democrat politicians are too unforgiving (deliberately so) about human memory lapses even though they know as attorneys how bad witness testimony can be under oath in a trial due to imperfect human recall memory.
    Deputy AG appointing a special counsel was another spineless mistake (catering to Democrats) when evidence did not warrant; and Mueller is a poor choice with conflicts of interest.

    They should change the special counsel law requiring:
    1- Re-authorization at start of every fiscal year, which allows to expire.
    2- Party that wants special counsel should pay expenses from campaign funds- not the taxpayers, as these are All political witch hunts. Mueller has mapped out a plan that keeps him and $500 per hour Democrat attorneys employed for his lifetime at taxpayer expense.

    1. Everybody's incredibly one sided. there arent many people down the middle. what's funny is Trump is a little bit down the middle b/c he's willing to talk and deal w/ anybody. hes biased Rep now of course but non-political background keeps him centered. thats not what the media is saying. and oh by the way he hasnt done anything so terrible yet in office what every single expert expected. I never really took sides but after all the bashing so far nothing so bad and whats important for me is markets doing just fine. he did help let the cap off and everybody benefits from that.


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