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Stock Market News: Two Very Bullish Stats

Ah there it is, so pretty.
We got our hands on one. You'll
soon read nobody else can. BULLISH!
If you are a trader, please oh please tell us that these two stats don't have you running around the trading room before your first cup of coffee.

1. Tech Boom stat
2. The Official Snoring Investors stat

Stat #1: Short Supply Of Tech Components

Was anybody around in the 90s? Does anybody remember any of the past monster technology cycles?

We've been warning you we're headed into a bull market technology boom.

The Electronics Component Supply Network said demand is above estimates causing shortages in the tech supply chain. What's worse is lead times are .... extending. Technology companies are doing great and are going to have more visibility.

Hello, that's incredible. We're going into earnings season and we'd guess that some of these companies will be talking about this great demand.

Bullish. Please traders, tell me no.

Stat #2: Individual Investor Bullish Divergence Snoozing Index

Here we go again, Elazar's going to try and simplify some complex trader technical analysis term to get us all riled up bullish again.

Hang in there with me, it's not so tough. We're going to explain why this is an absolutely sick read-out of bullish divergence.

Here's what the AAII, The American Association of Individual Investors just said,

"Optimism declined to the very bottom of its typical historical range."

Let's do a quick exercise. No pop-squats please, a mental exercise.

Where's the market? Teeny-tiny inches from more new highs.

Where is sentiment? Well what did AAII say above?

We'll quote them ver-batim, "The absolute extreme crazy we can't believe it way way down bottom of its historical range absolutely insane." (We didn't exaggerate at all, go look, same exact quote as AAII.)

Traders, are you doing the bullish riled-up running around the trading room dance yet?

Sentiment divergence means that when sentiment goes opposite of the trend, the trend can have more strength. They will all need to pile back in.


Let's Wrap It Up

That didn't take so long and it's good to start your day smiling anyway. Happy is more profitable.

Anyway back to business, we know, Trump said this and CNN said that. Uber this and Uber that. But really, aren't we here to make some money. Next! We're in a big ol bull market with lots of evidence. Two more stats today alone.


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