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Non-Farm Payrolls Tomorrow: The Big Daddy

jobs report
Workers Installing A Tesla Solar Room
Tomorrow we get the most important economics number for the stock market, non-farm payrolls.  Two months ago a weak number capped out the market from hitting new highs. Last month, a strong report helped markets break-out further.  Tomorrow's number matters to the stock market.

Weekly Jobless Claims Give Us An Inverse Clue

July's jobless claims have averaged a touch lower than June's. As an inverse measure that would imply non-farm payrolls have the ability to be a touch higher than June. If so that can help markets hit more new highs.

Elazar, Strong Jobs, Weak Jobs, Who Cares, Really.

Please, look at this chart then ask me.

spy etf spdr
Chart By Interactive Brokers With Elazar Advisors Scribbles And Markings
The weak May jobs that reported in June helped peak out markets for a month. The strong June report in July helped markets bottom and jump higher.

All the way on the right side of the above chart you can see the stock market (S&P 500 ETF SPY) patiently waits for tomorrow's number what to do next (SPY, "hmmm.")

Tomorrow's jobs report matters.

Elazar, Come On Write More, This Report Is Way Way Way Too Short

Do you need more? Jobless claims would hint to a decent jobs number tomorrow yet the Street expects a lower number than last month. The Street expects 180,000 versus last month's 222,000. If non-farm payrolls meet or beat the Street the market has every excuse to keep rising.

Reading Comprehension Time
Economic Reports
A) Are the only thing you need to really know to make 100% return a year in the stock market.
B) Only matter if you have a PHD and work for an ivy league school.
C) Are too boring to read and should be quickly sent to "trash."
D) Usually are a lot of noise but the non-farm payrolls reports do matter to markets and should be watched.

Only correct answers will be accepted in comments. Sorry.

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