Intel: And Another Chip Flaw? Good For AMD

Researchers have revealed a few more Intel security flaws. Oh my. Some of the detailed findings may be made public as early as today. How is this going to affect Intel, AMD and others? We'll review.

At the turn of the calendar year several security flaws were found in Intel processors. There were also flaws found in AMD's chips although fewer.

Patches have been released to fix the issued which slowed computing speeds and may drive an upgrade cycle. But who's going to win that upgrade cycle?

Good For AMD?

Another round of security flaws could even the playing field between Intel and AMD.  AMD said they plan to get to "mid-single digit [market] share" for EPYC by year end.

If so that would be huge.

They expect a $16B TAM (total addressable market) by 2020. 5% is $800mm or $200mm in Q4.

As hyperscalers and enterprise customers qualify and accept AMD chips, the simultaneous Intel chip-flaw-news could force customers to accelerate second-sourcing with AMD as a safety measure. AMD may also be cited as having new flaws but so far it's Intel in the cross hairs, once again.

That should support the simultaneous EPYC rollout.


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