Citi Tech Conference: Something New We're Watching

It's strange how the trade war has not really hit stocks. Why is that? Because the trade war hasn't yet hit earnings. If it does the stocks can get hit on poor reports or weak guides.

So when we saw this from DRAMeXchange our antennae went up,

"...smartphone brands and a few server manufacturers have marked down their [Q3] shipment projections."

That would not be good if true. The market's soaring but if the above quote proves correct there's risk to earnings and then stock prices.

We have not heard about this out of Q2 which was strong. If this proves correct it's a risk. Trade war fears reflected in weak orders and slower earnings would be the ultimate risk to stocks.

We'll be listening to the companies at the Citi Global Tech Conference tomorrow and Thursday for any signs.

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Correction: Tickers added Sept 4, 2018 9:11 AM EDT

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