Intel's 2019 Guide Not Conservative

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) missed on revenues and guided below the Street for Q1. The guide assumes no growth for revenues.

The issue is in their 2019 guide. It's not conservative. Their 2019 guide calls for flattish growth but if you know quarterly models you have to look at the year-ago comparisons.

The year ago quarters got stronger through 2018 meaning to say flat through 2019 will get harder.

If Intel is already seeing a slowdown in Q1 it's going to be tougher to maintain that flattish growth through the year which can make their just released estimates too high.

Intel's datacenter slowing from 25% to 9% in one quarter could have negative implications for Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) that was already slowing in datacenter and AMD (NASDAQ:AMD) who needs to do well in datacenter later in the year. If hyperscalers are slowing it's not good for tech.


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