Friday Fakeout. Not A Stock Market Top Yet

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The market (NYSEARCA:SPY)(NASDAQ:QQQ) didn't show much on Friday even with the trade news. I think there's still more left for the stock market but I'm watching to see when it looks overbought.

There's some questions around the corner including the much worse jobless report (humongous jump) which is very important to me and North Korea. If jobless claims on Thursday don't come back down there's a problem.

Short term I think the stock market's headed higher but medium term I think there can easily be a scare. That said, as always we'll take the market step by step.

You saw we got bullish for this recent run after we saw the market go flat for enough time along with expecting enough Fed news to pump the market higher.

I think we're about halfway through this most recent shorter term move.

Stock Technicals

I'm adding to some stocks in the model portfolio. I see more stocks wanting to participate in this rally telling me it can be broad in the near term. I may add to others depending on how the market progresses in the next couple of days.

Company Calls

I have calls this week with the following companies: TWTR, TTD, AAPL, ATVI, TTWO, MSI, TER, SQ

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