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Watching China & CSFB Tech This Week

China had some strong words after US' signing of the Hong Kong act. China threatened the US with strong counter measures. The editor of China's Global Times also said the US move causes risk to Hong Kong lives.

This is critical as we approach a December 15th deadlines for new US tariffs in the heart of a trade war negotiation.

After the market's been straight up we're watching out for some added volatility.

Elsewhere, CSFB has a tech conference this week we'll be tracking live on chat following companies speaking at the conference like Nvidia, Micron, Xilinx, Arista, Microsoft and more.

It's not only important to listen what companies say but also how the stocks react because they'll be meeting with some of the largest investors at this conference. What these investors hear will cause them to push around the stocks and will be a key hint what the companies are saying.

Overall fundamentally jobless claims and GDP both looked better this week so really the only market risk we see this week and next is China.

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