"Elazar is great! Chaim is one of the best analysts I've ever seen inmy 25 years in the business. He is an amazing stock picker. He sees things that other analysts don't see. In addition to being a great stock picker, he is also an excellent market timer. I couldn't be any happier with his service. It has been an invaluable tool for me. The market is flat this year and I am up over 50% in my account, thanks to Chaim!


"Chaim (or Elazar Advisors) has ability and experience, to do what I can't - dive deeply into the fundamentals of the companies he covers and provide clients with the kind of research normally reserved for institutional investors."

The following are reviews from Elazar's Nail Tech Earnings service On Seeking Alpha

redoaks:      (I love it)

"chaim understands that it is earnings that ultimately drive stocks, and his rigorous reporting on upcoming and current earnings reports in the tech industry is like having a professional analyst working for you in this area. he has provided great short term calls that have actually made me money, which is the goal after all. chaim is most valuable when his opinion differs from the street, this is when he is often right more than not. his unique overview of the tech industry offers an opportunity to play macro calls in this space. his chatroom is always available, and he has adopted a real time system of trade alerts, all in addition to the substantial ongoing research he provides. i view this service as essential to any active investor/trader. chaim has earned my respect and following for years to come."

didal1:      (I love it)
"This service has paid for itself many times over via expert and informed guidance. Elazar Advisors, LLC has a better handle on tech stock movements than any other service I've come across. The chat portion is quite active with well informed people."

Pops101:      (I love it)

"The advice of Nail Tech Earnings has completely changed my approach to investing. I've always been interested in Tech, and this service is not only educational, but the stock picks are outstanding. No one bats 1000, but Chaim's picks have definitely outperformed the market. His recommendations for stocks like AMD, ADSK, ANET have been remarkably well-timed. Highly recommend"

reg1980:      (I love it)
"I recommend this service. Chaim is a seasoned analyst by trade who provides buy side type analysis on tech stocks. His passion for the work and his service makes his work valuable for a wide scope of members from novice to tech investors to seasoned traders. "

xopie:      (I love it)
"I have been using NTE since March 2018 and this is definitely the best service ever for me. A list of seven to ten 12 month buys gives users plenty to work with. I particularly like Chaim’s earnings reports. AMC calls where Chaim picks up on between the lines reports is especially valuable. Chaim’s take on market action is also quite helpful. If Chaim is hedging its time to lighten up. Owen "

anubis44:      (I love it)

"Nail Tech Earnings delivers solid earnings/revenue estimates and filters out all the deadwood, leaving solid, investment-worthy tech sector stocks that simplify your decisions. The best tech stock-picking site I've found so far."

Janus6060:      (I love it)

I really recommend Chaim's service Nail tech earnings. Very valuable set of eyes, ears and business models for the growth companies. Follows many tech companies closely and only recommends a few with serious accelerating growth. Too tough for one person to do it all. Hire Chaim to help you out. It will help your portfolio growth a lot. I just started 3 months ago and am being educated daily on what to look for and how markets will react to earnings news. Made great money the past month and looking forward to making more with his help. Only regret is that I didn't read all his work and missed the Trade Desk story which he had nailed for the past 4 months. Now I read all his work thank you again.”

Ajholt:      (I love it)

Chaim goes all out with this service. Besides providing consistent updates on the company he covers, he is always going above in beyond in the chat to answer everyone's questions on everything from macro concerns to specific company questions. His schedule is full daily making calls with some of the hottest tech companies and his stock picks/timing in the past speak for themselves. I see the market in a whole new light after subscribing to this service. Chaim will give you the ability to understand how wall street thinks and explain market moves in real time. This service is truly a gem, that I cannot recommend enough. It helps sift through much of the noise markets generate and focus on the story that really matters, earnings. This is a must-have for any tech trader, you'll not be dissapointed.”

Ashish B:      (I love it)

"Great analysis and calls by Chaim, and community of Tech investors have taught me loads, and made me profits. My favorite since I started a couple of months ago was TTD when everyone else had given up on it, and Chaim's rating for the stock was not just strong buy, but "oh my!". And he was spot on - after Q2 earnings, it went up 40% after earnings."

NormTC:      (I love it)

"I have used other services with limited success. The Nail Tech Earnings info provides the closest thing to real-time actionable information that I have seen. I have already made money by acting on the information provided, and maybe more importantly, have been stopped from selling at a loss prematurely on more than one occasion ."

DavidDw:      (I love it)

"Very in depth knowledge in the tech sector. Already made back my subscription cost at the before Q1 end. Great community to discuss other trade ideas."

T_G:      (I love it)

"Chaim picks growth oriented stocks and it is always profitable for me all the times. I get the perfect analysis with his detailed reviews about the stocks and easy for me to invest/trade stocks. I got 100% success with his "Buy" signaled stocks. Thanks a lot Chaim. "

sbickley:      (I love it)

"This service is very unique in that Elazar Advisors are basically working full time to provide investment grade analysis and support with a personal touch for a more than reasonable price. The forum includes a diverse and vocal membership where contradictory ideas are welcome and the goal is to improve the accuracy of the stocks rated "buy". Chaim brings a fantastic level of discipline with clear criteria for stocks to attain in order to obtain a "buy" rating. This is a homerun!"

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