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Below you see our 5-Start Ranking By Reuters/Eikon versus the entire Street for "Overall" stock pick performance and "Tesla" stock pick performance. We're the only 5-star ranked firm for both.

Elazar Sell Side Ranking

We've been moving up the ranks in Reuters' Sell-Side ratings that match the performance of our calls versus the entire sell-side in all industry sectors including non-tech.

The rating ranks the performance of our Buys versus our Neutrals and compares that to the entire sell side. We only have at max 10 Buy Ratings and about 40+ Neutral ratings. This is alpha generation not due to market correlation or exposure.

This ranking parses out our ability to pick stocks versus everybody.

We're very proud of this performance.

Over the years I've been called by the press saying they saw us as a top ranked analyst in Tesla, AMD, Trade Desk and others thanks to these rankings.

This ranking matches us up against all the top firms: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, etc, and you can see how we stack up.
When I was a kid I always dreamed of competing in the big leagues. Here we are.

All investments have many risks and can lose principal in the short and long term. The information provided is for information purposes only and can be wrong. By reading this you agree, understand and accept that you take upon yourself all responsibility for all of your investment decisions and to do your own work and hold Elazar Advisors, LLC, and their related parties harmless. All model portfolio trades are hypothetical to show direction, conviction and timing. Performance excludes all relevant transaction costs. Elazar and its employees do not take individual stock positions to avoid front running and other potential customer related issues. Elazar may trade in index futures.


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