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I'm Not Going To Tell You What My Price Target Is On Micron

Micron: Bad reaction to an ok earnings print. The print was not amazing, they beat respectable and guided inline. That's not blow out so for a stock way up of late it's fair it's down. No excuses on that one.

But.... I am so bulled up. I posted my model in chat. Understanding and seeing my models and their targets builds conviction either way. I always challenge and request my customers all to go through my models. They are not hard. Focus. See what the line items are, see what the trends were + what the company is saying = where the future quarters trends can go. Then look at my model and say yeh or neh. Don't just say Chaim likes it. Learn and grow and understand the process to build conviction.

I've been following MU for 30 years literally. When the company says pricing is good currently on their earnings call it's usually very bullish. They said on this quarter it's currently good, it will be good and it will be good for the next SIX (read 'em SIX) quarters. I mean come on. That is just ridiculously bullish. I am still shaking my head how bullish. They were like 'yeah well pricing is going to be up, and AI mix is going to be up in addition, and, and, and.'

It's ridiculously bullish.

There's more but I'll keep it simple for this public post. If you've been following MU for a while I think you'd agree with me, despite the stock reaction, it was pretty bullish. No pun on bullish, but I asked my cow what's her favorite stock. She said, "mu." So I guess she's bullish too.


Wishing you all continued success.

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Jun 27

So you are bullish? okay okay I will buy too...

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