Elazar was launched in 2004 by Chaim Siegel and has served famous hedge fund clientele who demand a keen understanding of drivers of individual companies and financial markets. Chaim twice worked for renowned trader Steve Cohen of then-SAC Capital (now Point72). He was also a partner at JLF Asset Management which was funded by George Soros. Previously he was one of seven analysts on a $13B mutual fund at Morgan Stanley Asset Management. Elazar Advisors publishes its research into the Reuters/Refinitiv Institutional Platform and Factset where Elazar's earnings estimates are factored into the Street earnings numbers.  Elazar's research is used regularly by fundamental and algorithmic traders and investors at some of the largest mutual fund and hedge fund managers in the world. Chaim has been a 5-Star top ranked analyst in Tesla and other big cap tech companies. Try us with a  free trial here . All investments have many risks and can lose principal in the short and l


"I don't buy or trade without checking with Chaim. Abundance of good calls and Warnings when things get hot. Thank you for all your homework." -Hoog

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Hi, I launched Elazar in 2004. I worked for world renowned trader Steve Cohen twice, was one of seven analysts on a $13B Morgan Stanley fund and was a partner at JLF Asset Management that was funded by George Soros.

Performance & Reducing Risk:

We launched this service in May 2018. As you see below we've avoided the market's drawdowns. Our Sharpe Ratio is about two. We have the ability to size and time stocks and the market. That's helped make our performance much less volatile than the wild swings of the market. Below is the hypothetical performance of all our trades in our model portfolio.

Subscribers get our trades real time. Subscribers use our sizing and timing in different ways to help their own trading and investing timing.

[You see from the chart we managed to avoid market swings driving steady performance.]

Performance Through Dec 31 2020

Below you see our 5-Star Sell-side Ranking By Reuters/Eikon versus the entire Street for "Overall" stock pick performance and "Tesla" stock pick performance. 

We're the only 5-star ranked firm for both. 
[Click to enlarge]

We've been moving up the ranks in Reuters' Sell-Side ratings that match the performance of our calls versus the entire sell-side in all industry sectors including non-tech.

The rating ranks the performance of our Buys versus our Neutrals and compares that to the entire sell side. We only have at max 10 Buy Ratings and about 40+ Neutral ratings. This is alpha generation not due to market correlation or exposure.

This ranking parses out our ability to pick stocks versus everybody.

We're very proud of this performance.

Over the years I've been called by the press saying they saw us as a top ranked analyst in Tesla, AMD, Trade Desk and others thanks to these rankings.

This ranking matches us up against all the top firms: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, etc, and you can see how we stack up.

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Trade Like A Large Fund Pro In Tech

My subscribers have seen me on earnings conference calls dissect the information and company commentary predicting the move ahead of the stock move. That's competing with the best and brightest on Wall Street but doing it better.

That's just one example of how my 20+ years experience knowing what's important in tech stocks is working for you in Nail Tech Earnings.

I'm focused on earnings because that's what drives stock prices. You've seen stocks up or down big on earnings. Large institutions buy and sell based on what they expect and see on those earnings reports. I've worked at some of the most famous institutions and have learned the process what drives them to buy or sell. That can lead to big stock price moves.

I've worked for SAC Capital alongside world renowned trader Stevie Cohen. I've worked for a $13B Mutual Fund as one of seven analysts at Morgan Stanley. I've advised other big famous hedge funds. I was a partner at JLF who was funded by George Soros.

In Nail Tech Earnings you get me in chat, my expertise, my speaking to companies, my reactions, my models and my stock picks. I also tell you when to back up the truck which my subscribers are more than excited about.

Large funds simplify their process to earnings. What company is going to have blow out earnings based on the trends and strategy? You will start thinking like a large fund. You will see that many times sell-side analysts and large funds are following us. You'll see our stock picks then you'll read about them in the press soon after.

Here's a report on our Street high Tesla call...

Some of the best known hedge funds have been our customers. Our work is also factored into Street estimates through Reuters and Factset which means our work has a share in driving large fund investment decisions.

Based on our high ranking stock pick results versus the Street the press is starting to pick up what we're saying.

Looking For Tech Stock Earnings Home Runs

I'm looking for Tech Stock home runs. The Street numbers can be way too conservative because they usually follow company guidance. I speak to a ton of companies each quarter but am looking for those few stories where the earnings potential is way higher than the Street.

When you find those Tech Stock Earnings Home Runs you can sit on your EPS number with conviction to see the stock price through to its upside target.

Catch Market Moves

Be there for major moves in the market or watch out when there's risk. As an overlay to our stock picking we can't ignore the market. We want our Buys to be hedged out when the market shows risk and we want to be exposed when we're in the clear.

2 Week Free Trial Then $99 Per Month Click Here

2 Week Free Trial Then $750 Per Year Click Here

Super-Tough Criteria To Make It To Our Buy List

Our Buy Ratings have tough criteria to make it to "Buy." Here's what we need:

A) For a Buy we need at least 45% 12 month upside but many of our stocks have 100-200% 12 month upside. One stock, Trade Desk was up about 40% twice after earnings for us in 2018.

B) I need "wow" stories for a Buy. It can't have any snafu slowing parts of the story. If something doesn't smell right, no matter how great my earnings numbers look, I'd rather not take the risk. I may miss some upside but I'll avoid a lot of headaches.

C) For a Buy I can't have my quarterly estimates below the Street. Missed numbers and missed guidance is what hits stock prices. I want to do my best to try and avoid risk. Our estimates are ranked by Reuters with 4 out of 5 stars.

D) After calling many companies each quarter we narrow that down to our Top Ten Buys. Yes new companies enter that list regularly as others come out. Limiting the Top Buys to 10 has proven a performance enhancer as an extra filter to find the very best opportunities in tech.


We've adding Bitcoin fundamental and technical calls to the service. We're focused on what can drive the price short, medium and long term taking our years of macro and technical work and putting it to use in this new world.

2 Week Free Trial Then $99 Per Month Click Here

2 Week Free Trial Then $750 Per Year Click Here

*Get our real-time coverage
*Have conviction to know what to do next, real-time.
*Get our Top 10 Buys, the cream of the crop of all our work.
*See our model portfolio real-time. When to buy, when to sell. When to get big. When to watch out.
*Join our new and vibrant chat community just launched with pros and beginners.
*$1B+ market cap companies all the way to mega-caps.

Here's some quotes from some beloved subscribers,


"Chaim, You have called it better than anyone I know over the last few months. You got bearish in October and we have gone straight down since then. And when everyone was looking for a bottom 2 weeks ago, you said we were going lower and you were totally right. Then when you said we were finally oversold and extended down, we got the bounce. So you have called it better than anyone. I might make a good call once in a while. You have been consistently good!"

"Chaim is playing the market perfectly."

"I think you are doing an amazing job! It's a great service and well worth the money. You can charge much more!"

"I can not thank you enough for your clarity. It has forced me to be more focused and much more profitable."

"i profited handsomely from your pre eps ttd buy rec, and have since booked my 60% profit."

"Out of interest i am following Chaim your call. i speak to everyone, but you made me money and i appreciate that. thx"

2 Week Free Trial Then $99 Per Month Click Here

2 Week Free Trial Then $750 Per Year Click Here

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All investments have many risks and can lose principal in the short and long term. The information provided is for information purposes only and can be wrong. By reading this you agree, understand and accept that you take upon yourself all responsibility for all of your investment decisions and to do your own work and hold Elazar Advisors, LLC, and their related parties harmless. Performance is based on hypothetical trades in the model portfolio and exclude transaction costs.

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