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Hi, I'm Chaim Siegel. I launched Elazar in 2004. I worked for world renowned trader Steve Cohen twice, was one of seven analysts on a $13B Morgan Stanley fund and was a partner at JLF Asset Management that was funded by George Soros. Some of the best known hedge funds have been our customers. Our work is also factored into Street estimates through Reuters and they quote us all the time.

Looking For Tech Stock Earnings Home Runs

I'm looking for Tech Stock home runs. Working at top hedge funds I was known to hit the "long ball." Street numbers can be way too conservative because they usually follow company guidance. I speak to a ton of companies each quarter but am looking for those few stories where the earnings potential is way higher than the Street.

When you find those Tech Stock Earnings Home Runs you can sit on your EPS number with conviction to see the stock price through to its upside target.

Super-Tough Criteria To Make It To Our Buy List

Our Buy Ratings have tough criteria to make it to "Buy." Here's what we need:

A) For a Buy we need at least 45% 12 month upside but many of our stocks have 100-200% 12 month upside. One stock, Trade Desk was up about 40% twice in one day after earnings just recently. It's still going.

B) I need "wow" stories for a Buy. It can't have any snafu slowing parts of the story. If something doesn't smell right, no matter how great my earnings numbers look, I'd rather not take the risk. I may miss some upside but I'll avoid a lot more headaches.

C) For a Buy I can't have my quarterly estimates below the Street. Missed numbers and missed guidance is what hits stock prices. I want to do my best to try and avoid risk. Our estimates are ranked by Reuters with 4 out of 5 stars.

D) After calling about 50-70 companies each quarter we narrow that down to our Top Ten Buys. Yes new companies enter that list regularly as others come out. Limiting the Top Buys to 10 has proven a performance enhancer as an extra layer of filter to find the very best opportunities in tech.

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