Stock Market Update: Moving Up

As you know we were bullish for the Fed meeting yesterday. We also tweeted intraday yesterday that the market was trading nice and slow which is generally bullish.

One bullish takeway from the Fed statement was their removal of the word "uncertainty." We tweeted real-time that we thought that was a hint Fed Chair Powell got a whisper from President Trump that a deal was imminent.

We said yesterday, "I think we're revving up. The Fed getting rid of "uncertainties" could be a hint they know a trade deal is around the corner." That news of a phase one trade deal agreement came today. 

The market's looking very near term bullish based on the Fed's juicing the market with liquidity and the end of a trade war (for now).

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Bullish For Fed Tomorrow

The Federal Reserve's rate decision comes tomorrow at 2EDT. A couple of very bullish pieces of news could come out of it.

One, the Fed's been adding liquidity to the market to sure up its short term lending. That adding of liquidity is in the billions.

The other story that surfaced is that the Fed plans to hold rates even if the economy and inflation move past their targets.

More liquidity, low rates longer and strong jobs are bullish for tomorrow.

The market's worried about trade and North Korea, which is fair. But I think that new rounds of Fed liquidity at a time of a good economy can light up the market.

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