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5th Graders React To PCE Price: What In The.. Is The Fed Smoking?

Fundamentals and technicals ARE in alignment despite all the bears. You know we've been bulls all year after being bears last year.

A subscriber tapped me on the shoulder with this one...

Uh Chaim....

GDP Now has launched. You can find ChaimGPT's automatic response on the chart. Training is making it pretty smart. Nice job ChaimGPT.

Much like this love chart....

Less people with less jobs = more jobs. Less of less is more.

I mean come on.

Love love love strong economy.

[Chaim again you left out a few loves, That's not right. We want to know really what you think.]


And way too many bears still....

Managed money too bearish. Asset Managers midpoint versus history.

And economy on (I dare say) fire.

Anybody else love? I love.

We look for fundamentals and technicals to align. They are aligned.

And if we can just get that core inflation to keep dropping driven by lagged rents and dropping used cars etc. then oh my homerun.

Here's the Core CPI Cliff. [cheers Cliffe]

And not sure what the Fed's smoking but their preferred inflation measure is doing what?....

I'm a simple man but the Fed's main PCE core price measure is doing what?

If you are over 5th grade you are not allowed to answer this one.

Under 5th graders all answered in unison...

'Are you joking, this chart is dropping like a freegin rock. Not sure what the Fed's smoking.'

I agree. Smart kids. They already know trader lingo how to speak about the Fed. Sign em up.

So lets add it up.


You can make your own decisions.

Booming, accelerating economy. Yes accelerating (My two main measures GDP and Jobs oh and confidence and yada and yada, my two main measures, just two.).


Still too many bears. Market is NOT jammed with bulls by a long way.


And inflATIOn. Which way is that going? (This inflation is going to start with a 'd' soon.)

Can you say it before I do???

Goldilocks. We've been calling for it all year.

Tell me no.

I am bullish about this second half.

[taking a breath]

[PS if that was a concert it just finished with a b'dm]

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