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Bitcoin: Today's Fed Flip That Nobody Noticed, Next Stop 40,000, Well Maybe 23,378

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Fed Pivot Flip

Today I told subscribers, "Fed. What's Bitcoin do again? They make something? Ah who cares, a Fed flip is good for Bitcoin. I'm very bullish."

I kind of got too excited today in chat and my update about an important Fed flip that popped out of nowhere today. I don't think the market even paid attention. I love that. It should help keep this Bitcoin party going. I think it only got started. I think Bitcoin really only cares about the Fed even though most of the world thinks Bitcoin actually does something.

Bitcoin 40,000

I have said to subscribers closing above 20,000, next stop 40,000 but it needs to first deal with the 200-day at 23.378. And guess what folks, we did close above Bitcoin 20k.

And not sure if you paid attention but I gave you a friendly heads up publicly on me turning Bitcoin-bull January 10th (even though for subscribers I turned bull late last year). If you read that note on the 10th you knew exactly how I was thinking about it down to the short term timing aspect to get confirmation.

And not sure if you noticed, but Bitcoin absolutely exploded from there.

As I said to you then, Bitcoin is my pick for 2023. A Fed flip can get this thing to go nuts. We can figure out what Bitcoin actually does after that. And, yes I think we had some Fed flip today. as I laid out to subscribers that the market didn't even notice today.

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