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Next Target: Bitcoin Upside to 60,000 Now

We were bullish on Bitcoin from the start of the year calling out a target to 40,000. Now the target is 60,000. Eh hem, that was after being bearish last year on Bitcoin.

Plus, after telling subscribers for about a week now Bitcoin was 'revving to go higher' we said to subscribers yesterday, "BTC future above 38000 (which it is now) upside to 60,000. Short term traders can put stops a little below 38000. Great risk/reward right here and short term technicals are still 'revving' to go higher."

I was also reminded by a subscriber today that on August 29th I called out that Coinbase (COIN) "COIN medium term just went topside of 76. above 76 upside to 150." It's been a rocket ship getting there.

Yes there are even fundamentals attached to Bitcoin. Someone said Bitcoin has no value. not true. It's an amazing macro trading instrument. You can actually know how to trade it by following the Fed and of course technicals.

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